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An easy-to-use and reliable security application can reshape the way you protect your personal and professional data

Hamburg, Germany – November 29, 2010 – Simulation Systems Research Corporation Ltd announced a new security application called Bond Disc that combines a unique set of features. It protects data reliably against theft, loss and trojans and secures files on PCs, notebooks and memory sticks against any form of unauthorized access. The exchange of data is easy and fast. The security is maintained automatically and requires only a minimum of intervention from the user.

Bond Disc features advanced military-grade encryption to withstand attacks from the world's most powerful cryptographic organisations for at least the next 60 years. A secure archive manager provides access to files to authorized personnel only. Optionally Bond Disc adds cryptographic seals to restrict access to confidential data on a need-to-know basis. Everyone can log information into a fully protected system, but a document can only be retrieved once all seals are cleared. This allows peers and departments to lock confidential information for a time until all parties clear access to the protected data.

It is perfectly secure to store Bond Disc archives on the world wide web, which enables new distribution and management strategies for confidential data. Bond Disc archives are also highly robust and can be retrieved under conditions of severe scrambling and from partially destroyed CDs, memory sticks and hard disks.

Data that is stored on a notebook or memory stick is for all practical purposes inaccessible to unauthorized parties. Authorized personnel can temporarily work with the secured data that is made available through a built-in secure ramdisk, which is the most comfortable and feature-rich on the market. The access to documents on the ramdisk can be restricted to only a limited set of trusted applications.

Bond Disc is straightforward to use. A user only needs the common knowledge how to work with files on a modern PC. Once set up, the user is only required to enter the cryptographic key at the begin of a session.

Bond Disc addresses the needs of small and medium-sized companies for the efficient and secure management of confidential documents, whether they are legal, press, technical et al. Bond Disc Security offers dedicated professional services for large organisations to address the security needs of departments and document management strategies.

Bond Disc is available for all Windows platforms and currently being ported to Linux and Apple Macintosh. For more information about Bond Disc please visit

About Simulation Systems Research Corporation Ltd

Simulation Systems Research Corporation Ltd (SSRC) is a research think tank and investor into innovative and clean energy technology. SSRC operates a peer based research network and develops advanced simulation technology, next generation software development tools, security solutions and video game assets that include physics, AI, automatic parallelization and abstraction. In 2010 SSRC released the security application Bond Disc, and develops currently a new advanced, automatically parallelizing programming language called QR and an unannounced video game asset. SSRC is registered as a private limited company in the United Kingdom. For more information on SSRC, visit