30 July 2012

Current Status

I had originally hoped that after the release of our Bond Disc sufficient revenue would be generated to maintain and upgrade the software continuously. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. In this context it is important that the company invested a significant amount of extra money to develop the Bond Disc to its present form, i.e. that it could be made available to the general public. This happened on my advice, my belief that this is the right way to do more and finance the project's further development. As of now I cannot blame our CEO for not providing another budget.

This means the work on the Bond Disc is currently on halt, although I had big plans including a full interface overhaul. This minimalistic and yet ergonomic modern interface is still on my mind, maybe one day there is an opportunity for this. A port to Linux remains a possibility though because the company has a lot of software running on Linux PCs.

Apart from that a miracle needs to happen. Or people supporting us. You can contribute to the project by following the link in the Support Us box to the right. /rt

15 December 2010

Release Bond Disc 1.04

This release improves the default configuration of the application and driver and fixes an issue that affected shutdown on some Windows XP systems. It also contains a number of smaller improvements. /rt


9 December 2010

Press Kit

The Bond Disc press kit and releases are available now. The press kit also contains a product tour that doubles as a tutorial. Check it out. /rt


9 November 2010

Release Bond Disc 1.03

Added double-click access to archived items. This release also improves the performance and stability and resolves a number of issues with security tools that run concurrently. The installer is now fully integrated with Windows 7 UAC. /rt


27 October 2010

Release Bond Disc 1.02

This release adds support for 64-bit platforms. It is a unified installer for all Windows platforms since Windows XP (SP2). This update also fixes a bug that in rare cases could delete a root directory from a backup. All users are encouraged to update to the new version. /rt


12 October 2010

Release Bond Disc 1.01

Bond Disc 1.01 has been released. This update is digitally signed to simplify the installation and User Account Control under Windows Vista/7. /rt

23 September 2010

Release Bond Disc 1.0

Bond Disc 1.0 has been released to the public. /rt

What's next

The next items with high priority on our schedule are: