Bond Disc installation instructions

Please note that you need administrator rights to install the Bond Disc application and driver.

Step 1 - Download

Download the Bond Disc installer

Download the Bond Disc installer and/or copy the file to your computer. Optionally, you can verify the SHA-2 checksum of the downloaded file to make sure the installer has not been tampered with.

Step 2 - Uninstall an older version (if any)

First, save the content on the ramdisk, if you wish to keep the data.

Right-click on the Bond Disc taskbar icon and choose close. Open the control panel and choose software or programs; the exact term displayed varies slightly between different versions of Windows. Select the Bond Disc software and choose uninstall.

Step 3 - Run the installer

Double-click on the Bond Disc installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Customize the installation (Windows Vista and later only)

Step 4 - Display the taskbar icon

If the Bond Disc taskbar icon, which looks like a silver disc, doesn't appear on the taskbar, please display the hidden icons by clicking on the small arrow symbol next to the visible icons. If you have the option to customize the icon, it is recommended that you select to show the icon always. The Bond Disc taskbar icon shows you the ramdisk and backup status at a glance and provides you access to the configuration dialog.

Confirm success

If you click on the Bond Disc taskbar icon, which looks like a silver disc, and the configuration dialog appears, you have successfully installed Bond Disc.