How do I uninstall the ramdisk?
Complete uninstall instructions are available here.

Can the size of the ramdisk be increased above the 640 MB limit?
No. 640 MB is currently the maximum ramdisk size. Technically, it would be possible to implement a larger disk size on 64-bit systems, the limitation is mostly due to XP's fragmented memory space. We identified even a way to get around this on XP, but working in kernel mode and doing proper quality control for the driver to work as reliable as it does now would be a very huge task.

While it would be tempting to get an entire DVD's worth of data onto the ramdisk, it was originally designed mostly to hold software source code.

Is Windows 8 supported?
Negative. The Bond Disc works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 only.

Is there additional development or a commercial version with a larger ramdisk size?
Negative. At the time of this writing (October 2012) further work on the Bond Disc has been put on halt indefinitely. The reasons are simply prohibitive costs.

The development of the Bond Disc required highly qualified talent to develop the driver in XP kernel mode, the advanced math for the encryption, an accompanying desktop application, a secure handshake and many other security features to make the product truly professional, plus a near insane amount of QA to make the product as reliable and failsafe as it is now. To keep the costs in check we developed only one driver version for all platforms, but in a way that is compatible with Win7 and 64-bit systems. Still, the total costs of development reached one million dollar.

The original idea was to finance further development with revenue from making the Bond Disc available publicly. Because the uptake of licenses and donations were zero, our CEO wasn't able to allocate another budget for continued development.

Technically, it is possible to extend the ramdisk size on 64-bit systems by writing a dedicated driver for this. On the other hand developing for Windows an application that comprises kernel code and a companion application, dealing with the ever changing Microsoft requirements which are a nightmare, and doing extended QA will at least cost 100k which is simply not feasible.

However, there is a small chance that if we get to implement a port to Linux that this will be much more flexible. But no date has even been proposed to get this work under way, and it is unlikely to happen any time soon.

What is the difference between the professional and standard edition?
In the original release, Bond Disc 1.0, both versions are identic. Our aim was to provide all users with a fully functional product. Upgrades, in particular those requested through our professional services, will go primarily into the professional version. Professional users will receive these upgrades free of charge.

As of October 2012 both versions are identic.

When will registration & payment be available?
At present there are two reasons that require additional work. First, in the European Union we have to provide each customer with an invoice that matches the customs of the country the customer resides in, and to collect the value added tax charged in that specific country.

Second, upon registration each professional client is provided access to a professional Bond Disc account. This account includes download services for a customized version that can be installed without limitations across the client's network. This version includes the proper registration tokens and enables all users to use the upgrade service of the Bond Disc server and to maintain the additional features the client requested.

The accounting part as well as the server still require a fair bit of work. Once this is completed, registration & payment will be available.

As of October 2012 this work has been put on halt indefinitely. Please use our Paypal donation button and contact support if you are interested in acquiring a license.

Do we need licenses for each user/computer?
In general no. If your organisation employs less than 50 employees, one Bond Disc license covers all. If your organisation has 50 or more employees, additional licenses will be required. Please check the licensing options for details.